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Psychotherapy and counselling are available to assist you in working through difficulties to help recognise and explore and understand what may be troubling you.


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Now, more that ever do we need support navigating the huge changes in our personal and working lives.  This creative group offers an opportunity to find your way to navigate this  current situation and maximise the opportunity.



An organization’s most important resource is its people. Monica provides training and facilitation to support teams and managers to fully utilize these resources so not only do they work…


Helping You With your Courageous Next Step

Supporting you and your business at this time

With over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist, mental health professional, and creative entrepreneur, Monica is passionate about supporting positive change for individuals, organisations and communities. Pragmatic and motivational by nature, she has the ability to  help identify blocks and resolve issues as well as support people in taking more agency of their lives and to think beyond their current horizons. She is a warm, empathic and clear communicator and puts people at their ease whilst working through difficult issues.

Conscious Living Podcast with Monica

Listen to the Latest Podcast here

In this episode Monica Haughey is in conversation with Karen Mc Carthy, female entrepreneur and social media strategist. They look at the valuable role of entrepreneurs and how they see them as  people who see opportunity and who wish to make a contribution.  Do listen in to hear their insights and tips. Karen runs online business accelerator groups –https://www.tranzformedia.com

Conscious Living with Monica is a thought provoking wellness podcast which I host.

In this series I continue the conversations started during my Conscious Living & Working Conference. I discuss some of the stories and talk with some of the outstanding speakers I met during the conference, discovering how their insights may inspire and give us support during these pandemic times.

The Conscious Living & Working Conference sought to shape a new agenda on how we might find more balance for ourselves, our work and our planet.


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BACK TO WORK MINDSET -online Programme (Oct -Dec 2021)

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