Women In Business Forum -starting in September

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June 20, 2018
Women In Business -Next group starting March -Apply now
October 3, 2018

Women In Business Forum -starting in September

Free open evening this Friday 14th September  5-6 pm in Oscailt Pembroke Rd.

Come along to find out more. Contact Monica in advance to confirm attendance.

First group now full-still some places left for second group.

Contact Monica at 0866061015 if you’d like to discuss further or book your place.

There are many women working away at developing their own creative business initiatives, in areas
such as health, wellness, food and nutrition. These initiatives are seeking to offer positive approaches
to people wishing to improve and maintain health for themselves in a holistic way. This work can be
isolating and challenging at times and there is huge benefit to be gained from the support of a group
of other like-minded women who will bring their own challenges and insights.

AIM: To provide a forum for a small group of women to meet monthly to assist them with getting
clarity, support and challenge to bring their business ideas to fruition and to think beyond their
current horizons.


Each month group members would report in on their business progress and one or two participants
would bring a particular challenge that they may be like to air and seek further direction and support.
The group will be professionally facilitated to ensure maximum support and learning.


The women are from different sectors and could be described as “cultural creatives” in that they are
making a difference to society with their initiative whilst carving out their own business. Some will be
in the early stages of their business initiative whilst others will be more established and all will be
interested in growing and developing their business.


The cost would be 80 euro per month for 2 hours on a monthly basis from September – June.
The venue is yet to be confirmed.


Monica Haughey is an experienced psychotherapist and facilitator who has supported many individuals
in the workplace who have been struggling with different workplace issues. She has completed the
Common purpose leadership programme and facilitates their leadership groups on a regular basis.
This involves leaders from different sectors coming together in a small group and addressing issues
arising for them in their workplace. Whilst their contexts are all different there is huge support gained
through participants asking questions, getting clarity and giving their insights and feedback.
She is also a former chairperson of the Dublin Food Co-op and founded the Good Food Initiative
which was involved with hosting cookery classes and publishing 2 recipe books.
Contact Monica for further information and booking :
MOBILE: 353 86 606 1015