Time to Take Our Dreams Seriously and Create the Lives We Really Want !

BACK TO WORK MINDSET -online Programme (Oct -Dec 2021)
October 4, 2021

Time to Take Our Dreams Seriously and Create the Lives We Really Want !

Have you noticed the waves of positive change alongside the mainstream news?

Amidst all the chaos, uncertainty and fear of the past while, there has also been a huge shift in awareness for many people. More and more people are wanting to feel more fulfilled in their lives and work and to take more agency. They are recognizing it’s time to really listen in to themselves to look at what’s important to them and to create more of the life that they really desire.

Many people now want to live more creatively, maybe work less but for sure but want to do work that has some meaning and is aligned with their own inner truths and knowings.

Much of my client work is now about supporting people in valuing themselves enough to begin TO TAKE THEIR DREAMS SERIOUSLY. We have all been through a huge transformation and its likely there is more to come. But alongside the fear there are more people wanting to redesign their lives in a creative way that is more in keeping with what they are good at, what they enjoy and with their values and priorities.

Time To Come Back to Ourselves

In an ongoing group I am running for women wanting to get back to the workplace, we realized the group could more accurately be called a Back to Ourselves group. Many in this group have worked in big corporations, allowed themselves to be totally stressed and sacrificed themselves for the good of the company. They are now recognizing the sacrifices they made and are wanting now to attend to their own needs, their families AND find ways to value their skills and talents. One woman for example joined the group having just been rejected for nursing. She was disappointed about this and a little lost about what she would do next. She is now recognizing she would really love to set up a small food business that will allow her to utilize her business and marketing training and fit in with her other commitments to her family.


I am excited to be running a six week master class in the Fumbally Stables starting Saturday 27th Nov. It’s a small group of 6-8 people all wanting a space to look at where they are in their lives and work and have ideas that would really benefit from this kind of incubator.

In my experience magic really happens when you bring together a group of dynamic people all focused on digging deep to make things happen for themselves and each other!

This is a unique and exciting opportunity if you feel ready to listen to your dreams and get the support you need to begin to create the life you want!

Its only when we have people pursuing their dreams and living their truth, and feeling good then we can actually shift society forward

Monica@monicahaughey.ie for more information