March 7, 2018


It’s a new year and with it new opportunities. For many of us, we are still in recovery from Christmas festivities and of course all the build-up and anticipation. It feels like we have to “come down” from the energy of this holiday period and re-evaluate and focus on what’s ahead and what we’d like to create for ourselves in the New Year. Will we want to get fitter and get involved in doing more exercise, learn something new or change our lives in some other way? Whilst generally I am averse to this idea that we have to / should make New Year Resolutions, I do think it is a good opportunity to take stock and in a gentle and supportive way re-evaluate how we are doing and what we’d like to introduce into our lives.

I have a few ideas for myself but know it will take time to integrate the changes into my already busy schedule. This doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing, just that it’s important to give ourselves time and be patient. Many people I know are joining the gym and wanting to get fit again. But remember also it’s a slow time of year, the days are still very short, its cold and our bodies are not at their most vital! Perhaps also we need to pay attention to our bodies and tune in to what they might need. They may be inviting us to rest more, to eat more nourishing foods or to do some slow gentle exercise.

Also, it’s a time when we are bombarded with negative news, whether it be about Trump, hospital over-crowding, or the aggressive Australia flu virus etc. How do we cope with all this negative news? One option is that we de-sensitise ourselves and not feel anything at all but if we were to “digest” the continual barrage of negative news we would probably feel depressed and overwhelmed. The continual negative news exposure can also make us fearful, fearful that something will happen to us, our families or maybe even that the world is going to finally end! However, we could also just switch off from the negative news and decide instead to manage our exposure and make more positive choices such as listening to music, or podcasts and getting our news from more balanced sources. And of course there are positive news stories and good things are happening –they are just not making the news headlines.

I was listening to a podcast recently about world changes and in particular climate change which suggested that whilst these difficult issues are real, we need to choose how to respond and to do what we can within our sphere of influence. We can create more good news for ourselves, our families and communities and give the best of ourselves whether in work or in our personal lives. Not always easy – but worth aiming for!