Re-designing and Growing Our Counselling/Psychotherapy Practice

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March 18, 2021
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May 12, 2021

Re-designing and Growing Our Counselling/Psychotherapy Practice


So great to get outside into nature at the weekend and I do hope you got a chance to do this as well.


Self-care -Listening In To Ourselves


I was reminded of the importance of taking the opportunity to reset ourselves, away from the hustle and bustle of social media, online connections and the mainstream media.


Listening to ourselves, is so important, especially if how we are in the world is all about helping others and being tuned in to other’s needs. Those who are parents or carers, and those in the healing and helping professions tend to be “made like this.” We have messages going through our heads about the importance of other’s needs, making sure everyone is alright. Thinking “What is in the best interest of others and our clients?”


This is ok, but only to a point as we then get burned out, depleted and can lose direction and focus. If we are only focusing on serving others we are not looking after ourselves and the well we are coming from in ourselves gets dried up! It’s also important to be able to receive, to allow ourselves to be cared for


At this point in our history and the evolution time I see it as a time to really seek to listen in our own hunches  and ideas and make choices that are in alignment with our own values and beliefs.


This doesn’t mean start being selfish, but rather valuing ourselves and the other. When we feel cared for, we are going to be better able to be more empathic and caring in our lives.


Designing Our Practice as We Wish


Other issues for psychotherapists are about taking control over how they work, where they work, what clients do they want and what is the value the place on this? Shaping their work and following those inner voices. As a supervisor I notice that ideas about new work are secondary to the clinical work that they bring about their clients. Some of my therapists have ideas around changing the practice location, incorporating spirituality more into their work and others speak about using nature more. Though, often the supervision time doesn’t give us the chance to deal with these issues -yet they are important.


What holds us back?


We all have our own inner gremlins or saboteurs that hold us back from following our dreams. We may get overwhelmed, feel doubt, lack  confidence, are too busy or  may feel imposter syndrome. The list is different for each of us, but as with our clients, it’s important to sift through these issues so as to move forward in our lives.


Societal Challenges


As psychotherapists our training has ensured we can support clients identify and work through issues. We also are aware of psychological processes, professionalism and ethics and much more. However like other professions we need to keep abreast of societal changes and the challenges and opportunities. We have changed fundamentally as a society and the changes continue. People are re-evaluating their lives and their choices. Let’s do the same for our practices.


When I was searching for research on the area of psychotherapy practice development I read a story from about tall poppies in Australia. Apparently, when it’s time for the poppies to be harvested it’s the tall poppies that get the chop first!


I find It’s a bit like that here in Ireland in career, so let’s get the support we need to really figure out what our dream is for our practice and deal with fears that may be holding us back.


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