Business Support Group For Psychotherapists & Other Healing Professions

About Event

Many therapists are working away at developing their own business initiatives. This work can be isolating and challenging at times and there is a huge benefit to be gained from the support of a group of other like-minded who will bring their own challenges and insights.


To provide a forum for a small group of psychotherapists and others in the healing professions to meet monthly to assist them with getting clarity, support and challenge to develop their practices and to think beyond their current horizons.

Each month, the participants will check in with the group, update on their progress and time will then be given to one or two individuals who would like support to unravel what their issue may be and what may be blocking them from achieving more in their work


What will you get from this group?

  1. Fresh perspective and insight
  2. Opportunity to develop your business in the way your desire
  3. Challenge and support 
  4. Opportunity to “face-down your demons”/ identify your growing edge
  5. Accountability 
  6. Access to reduced cost social media training and support


Venue : Atrium Lounge, Westin Hotel, Westmoreland St, Dublin

Monthly: Saturday Morning -starting 18th May

Cost : 90 euro for 2 hours session

Max 5 participants


Monica Haughey is an experienced psychotherapist and supervisor and currently runs two monthly groups for female entrepreneurs in Dublin. She is a former tutor at Turning Point Training Institute for psychotherapists and been involved in training of therapists in this capacity and also as a supervisor. Alongside her private practice, she has been transferring her own psychotherapy skills to the workplace and provides training and group facilitation in different companies and staff groups. She is passionate about health and wellbeing and also the relevance of psychotherapy to the world of work and relationships. The feedback from her ongoing groups has been overwhelming positive as participants experience the value of networking and support, accountability and the opportunity to get clarity and challenge on their business development all to be hugely beneficial. If you’d like to hear more do get in touch as places are limited to 5 people.

Some of the feedback from ongoing groups :

 Monica provides a fertile and safe place for  exploring ideas and expanding our practices -it has been hugely helpful for me” Jude Fay Psychotherapist, Author of “This Business of therapy”

“Great to realise so many of us are in transition and can support each other as we go. I really love the quality listening and feedback from the group”      Dot Fisher