New Transformational Group Starting Soon -Finding your Passion and aligning with Purpose

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September 28, 2020
Navigating this Time of Transition with Creativity and Purpose
January 27, 2021

New Transformational Group Starting Soon -Finding your Passion and aligning with Purpose


New Online Transformational Group -Starting Soon -helping you more fully align with your passions and purpose

What’s it About ?

Our world  has changed, many people are going through both “break downs,”  others “break throughs” and some a bit of both !!

This group is a transformational tool that will give you real support  in navigating this current environment and design your business which is more fully aligned with your skills and strengths, with what brings you joy and with the life and work/life balance you really want to design for yourself.


Small business owners wanting  support with  repositioning themselves in the new climate

Working parents and those juggling with demands of work /family life -needing support in prioritising and managing issues such as overwhelm, distraction

Those who are considering setting up that new initiative they had been considering for some time and need support in identifying their niche and their vision for their business.

Those who are already embarking on a new initiative but want accountability, inspiration and support with the ongoing implementation of their plans  to stay on track.

TOTAL COST for this transformational 6 month program is  250 euro  per month -Total Cost 1500 euro

Reduced price of 1400 for those who wish to pay in advance

More Details:

Monthly Online Groups

Dates to be confirmed -monthly over 6 months

Monthly 1-1 Online meetings and check in with me – time to be  agreed mutually with participants own schedule


This is a tailored transformational group and over the duration of the 6 months we will:  (This will be adjusted according to needs of the group)

Take the opportunity to revisit  your passions -what brings you joy, what is fulfilling for you ?
Help you get clarity on intentions, your vision thinking big and beyond your current horizons.

Your ideal “client”?
Look at the stories you tell  yourself / issues that may be holding you  back from really being “on purpose”-eg doubt, overwhelm, fear of success etc .
Address the issue of money, being rewarded for your creativity, experience  and “work” – intrinsic and extrinsic value

Build a supportive group where there is an opportunity for listening, support and accountability with professional facilitation.
Ongoing 1-1 support alongside the group and exercises to back up the work and the learning and support you bringing your ideas to fruition.

New ONLINE Program includes :

1st  Month
a) Initial one hour individual online meeting with me to understand and get clarity  around where you are right now and where you’d like to be. In my experience this can really help you get best value from the 6 month period. During this session, we will spend some time focusing on where you are in your life, other roles and talents as well as your business idea. This puts participants lives in focus and ensures a holistic approach to the program and that you can bring your whole self to your creative project.  It also ensures the program can be tailored to suit the specific needs of the participants.

(includes a full report )

b) An introductory 2 hour online workshop with the group to work with you to help you  identify/clarify your  vision for your business and what may be holding you back-these can be obvious to you or perhaps in the background but real nonetheless.  We will use the vision board technique to help you formulate the real path you’d like to choose for you, your life and your business. This initial meeting is also an opportunity to meet other participants, network and it brings a natural and important opportunity for support and accountability.

Ongoing Monthly  programmes

Monthly 1.5 -2.00  hour facilitated session with inputs from me on psychological/emotional topics that are relevant as well as opportunities for check in with the group  and mutual  support and networking.
Monthly ongoing check -ins with me by telephone /zoom with follow up email.
Practical “homework” exercises to help you work through and integrate the learning
Optional Extra

One monthly 2 hour Social Media Workshop via Zoom with Karen McCarthy of Tranzformedia. Karen offers training on Facebook, Instagram, and all forms of content writing. These sessions will provide training for your business, tailored to your needs. COST TBC

GROUP SIZE -The groups will be kept small and will have a maximum of 10  people to ensure close support and networking and that partcipants get the maximum opportunity to

More About Me:

I am an experienced and entrepreneurial  psychotherapist and facilitator who has supported many people wanting to figure out their talents and strengths and to align this with making  a good living. I love helping people uncover their strengths and talents and to discover what might be holding them back.  I am passionate about change and how we can make the world a better place by being aligned to our strength and talents and being true to ourselves.  Last year I organised  the successful 1st Conscious living working conference addressing climate change, wellness and podcast series . My previous podcast series was entitled Conscious Living with Monica .

If you are interested in hearing more please book an introductory call here and we can decide if this is for you -would love to hear from you.

No commitment –just more information and then you can decide .

So get in touch soon -I’d love to hear from you.

Some feedback from Former Female Entrepreneur Group Members & Clients :

Monica’s approach is gentle, holistic, affirming, radical and encourages us to “dare” to be who they want to be – in our one precious Life. Her approach is utterly transformative and testament to a lifetime’s work in the field. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

C.N. – Dublin

A wonderfully facilitated space to meet other female entrepreneurs and tease out issues, find support and broaden your perspective.  I received a lot of benefit from the female entrepreneur group last year and up until this spring and Covid 19.  Monica is a great facilitator and I felt wonderful support in the group. I highly recommend this group by Monica Haughey.

Carole Fitzpatrick Counsellor, Energy Therapist

” I have been a part of one of Monica Haughey’s Female Entrepreneurs groups for the past year. Monica challenges us to explore our businesses openly and with curiosity. She holds the group with firmness and compassion, and gives straightforward feedback in a lively and playful manner. This supports me in looking deeper and broader, opening my mind to new possibilities and where I might be limiting myself. I have grown personally and professionally through the support and encouragement of Monica, and I am happy to recommend her and her groups.”

Jude Fay Psychotherapist, Author

“It’s hard to sum up what makes Monica so exceptionally good at her job – there are so many aspects – she is practical, warm, honest, empathic, focused, engaged, kind, direct…..the list literally could go on and on.”

Mary Maguire Career Coach

“It has been illuminating, supportive and a great place to network”.

Lou Horgan Yoga teacher.

Monica Haughey’s approach is unique, open and insightful. Her interests in good food, healthy living, psychotherapy and her own entrepreneurism form the basis of her toolbox which helps draw you into a very supported space..

Marion Keogh Garden Designer / Green Edge

The group offered me the chance to speak my truth in a supportive, non-judgmental environment.  I’ve carried with me confidence to own who I am in my heart and soul and the realisation that my gifts have the potential to open out and raise the awareness of those who wish to receive them.  Our investment in each other was to provide a space for growth, positivity, attentive listening and honest feedback.

Dot Fisher Educator