Moving and Growing Through the Pandemic – March 2021

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January 27, 2021
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Moving and Growing Through the Pandemic – March 2021

If you are a parent you may remember the book ‘We are Going on A Bear Hunt’ and one of the recurring lines as the heros and heroines encounter various obstacles on the way – rain, mud etc “We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, we have to get through it!”

I see the pandemic as a bit like that and this line has come into my head many times over the past year.



There are many different perspectives on the pandemic and what we need to do to get through this difficult and challenging period.

But whatever we believe, on a deeper  more spiritual perspective , we are being invited to do things differently and slow down and find the courage to move into this new era we are entering.

This blog is for you if you are looking for ways to help you navigate this new period in our collective and individual history.

I personally believe that we are now being invited/forced to be courageous, reevaluate our lives and our priorities and find a new way through. Yes there is a physical reality to all of this but there is also a psychological and spiritual reality.



  • Find a daily practice which keeps us grounded. This could be meditation yoga gardening or walking the dog. We all know what is right for us and it could be one or all of these . There is a definite move towards getting into nature more and we see people talking walking exercising, taking photographs and smelling the roses in the park
  • Get reflective if you aren’t already -get a journal that will help you unravel feelings, thoughts and ideas. The more we give ourselves space to process stuff (As they say in the business of healing!) the clearer we will become.
  • Watch your diet -seek to use food as nourishment and notice what your body needs according to what is going on in your life, what is happening with the seasons and what might work for you. A simple example is soups are much more appealing in winter than summer when we might be drawn to salads or raw foods.
  • Be careful of the mainstream media which tends to promote a negative and fear based analysis of what is happening in the world. Negative news is deemed to be more newsworthy and interesting to audiences than any news that might be positive. It can be very draining to try and follow daily summaries of cases, deaths etc, especially when we are not given the full context or analysis of the figures.
  • Build a network of people who are supportive of you and connect with them. This pandemic has really allowed us to be creative about how to connect with each other and I have found that there are ever increasing opportunities to connect with a wider group of like minded people. Clubhouse for example is thriving and covid has really accelerated its growth. Here people are having conversations about various topics of interest in a respectful and valuable way.
  • Let’s make plans again! I know we may not be able to plan a foreign holiday but we can plan, for example, who might meet in the park on a certain day and certain time. I have decided I don’t want to just leave this to chance and instead am planning more who I might meet while out walking -even though the chance encounters are also great too! Is there anything you can plan for you, your friends and family -maybe even online?

If I can help you or your team navigate this time -do get in touch. I have ongoing groups and also offer 1-1 mentoring and support. I really enjoy supporting people find the courage to take their next steps and be creative in their lives and work.

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