Talks & Presentations

Monica is an engaging and inspirational speaker and draws on her many year’s experiences as a mental health professional, mother and her wide interest and experience in health, healing, and spirituality. She comes from a holistic approach and enjoys keeping abreast of current trends and thinking around health and healing.

Some of the talks she delivers includes :

Building Mental Health and well being

She recognizes that mental health is an aspect of our lives that needs attended to like our physical health. Her talk identifies the factors that are important in building and supporting mental health and the role that individuals can play to enhance their own mental wellbeing. She has rich anecdotes from her experience in community mental health which add interest to her presentation.

Demystifying Mental ill – health

This talk challenges the stigmas and fear around mental health and introduces key issues central to our understanding of how mental health may be better understood and supported.

Supporting Mental health for new mothers

Monica’s first-hand experience of motherhood and her work as a psychotherapist has helped her appreciate the issues and dilemmas that can face new mothers. Feelings of overwhelming and confusion are common and she recognizes the need to ensure mothers get the support they need to fulfil this important role and navigate their way through the myriad of conflicting messages.

Mental health and Wellbeing in Retirement

Retirement can be a difficult adjustment for some and this talk brings a positive perspective to how this phase can be a very fulfilling and rewarding stage in our lives. She points to the research around this stage and factors which can ensure that it is negotiated well and leads to enhanced satisfaction and well being.