Launching My New Podcast – Conscious Living With Monica

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March 23, 2020
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May 7, 2020

Launching My New Podcast – Conscious Living With Monica

Never before in our lifetime have we experienced anything like the current pandemic. It has had a huge impact on our lives and work in so many ways. There has been much sadness and pain, yet alongside this, we have noticed the birds singing more loudly and the sky, seas, and rivers are clearer.


The launch of the 1st Conscious Living Conference last year set out to provide a forum to reexamine how we live and work and to bring together those in the world of business with those concerned with workplace wellness and with the environment. Whilst business had begun to embrace workplace wellness and perhaps also the sustainability agenda, it seemed imperative that we look at all of this together and start joining the dots. This conference came from my belief that how we make a living, how we care for ourselves, each other and the planet have to all join up. 

I have launched this new podcast series to further these conversations and seek out the positivity and opportunity that could come from the current crisis. A crisis can also be an opportunity and we all know “we couldn’t continue as we were”. We were harming ourselves and the planet.

I will be talking with different and outstanding conference contributors about their understanding of what is currently happening. Our media tends to give us a limited perspective on the pandemic and is focused on statistics around numbers of cases, tests, deaths, etc. We hear something about the economy -but we are much much more than this, and the information we are given is limited and narrow. Let’s broaden our perspective and insights and equip ourselves to do our part in creating our new future -together.

In my view, we now have an opportunity to be more aware or conscious of the choices we make at not only the individual day to day level but also in our communities and in our businesses and places of work.

There are micro choices we can make about whether we buy blueberries from Morocco in March packaged in a non-recyclable plastic container or rhubarb from a local producer, tied up with a piece of string. There are many of us involved in making decisions on a macro level, such as the type of business we conduct, the impact it has on the environment and the culture being created within the business.

All the choices we make are important and we have much more of an impact than we realise and it’s so important that we do consider the choices we have and their impact.

I do hope you get the chance to join me in listening in on the different conversations over the next few episodes of Conscious Living With Monica. My first conversation is with Psychologist Hema Vyas who talks about her spiritual understanding of the current crisis. She speaks about the tragedy of our current crisis in terms of the fear and sadness experienced by many, but that alongside this there are blessings and that our world did need to pause and reconnect to ourselves and our heart intelligence


You can listen in here.