Re-designing and Growing Our Counselling/Psychotherapy Practice
May 12, 2021
Ways to Connect More With Our Younger Self June 2021
June 15, 2021

How to Find the Courage to Take the Next Step

Redesigning Our Work/Life Balance

It was so great to get outside into nature over the weekend, and I do hope you got a chance to do this as well.

While out there I was reminded of the importance of taking the opportunity to reset ourselves, away from the hustle and bustle of social media, online connections, and the mainstream media.

Selfcare – Listening in to Ourselves

Listening to ourselves, is so important, especially if how we are in the world is all about helping others and being tuned in to other’s needs. Those who are parents and carers, but really anyone that is in a position of service, which to an extent, we all are.

Continually, many of us have messages going through our heads about the importance of other’s needs, making sure everyone is alright, and keeping what is in the best interest of others in our minds. Yet, we rarely do this for ourselves.

It is a good thing to be of service and consider the wellbeing of others, of course, but only to a point. We then get burned out, depleted, and can lose direction and focus in our lives. If we are only focusing on serving others we are not looking after ourselves and the well we are pulling from in ourselves gets dried up!

This is also when we can sometimes get stuck in the same old routines.

At this point in our history and the evolution time I see it as a time to really seek to listen in our own hunches and ideas and make choices that are in alignment with our own values and beliefs.

This doesn’t mean start being selfish, but rather valuing ourselves enough to live the lives we want to.

 What holds us back?

We all have our own inner gremlins or saboteurs that hold us back from following our dreams. We may get overwhelmed, feel doubt, lack confidence, be too busy, or feel imposter syndrome. The list is different for each of us, but as if we were a child looking at the future ahead, it’s important for us to sift through these issues with support, as to move forward in our lives.

Societal Challenges

Ideally in life, we should be able to have the time and support to identify and work through issues that come up. However, for a long time our society has been stuck in the grind and a mindset of constant work. Yet, over the course of the last year we have changed fundamentally as a society and the changes continue on. People are re-evaluating their lives and their choices.

I believe now is a time to clean the slate and start creating the lives we envision for ourselves. We might not have a clear idea of what we’d like to be doing, but that is also where support comes in. This year I’m planning several programs and groups, as well as continuing to offer 1-1 psychotherapy/coaching services.

When I was searching for research on the area of psychotherapy practice development, I read a story about tall poppies in Australia. Apparently, when it’s time for the poppies to be harvested it’s the tall poppies that get the chop first!

I find it’s a bit like that here in Ireland, everyone needs to be at the same level. But we all evolve at our own speed, so let’s get the support we need to really figure out what our dreams are and handle the fears that may be holding us back in any field.