Female Entrepreneurs Group – Is this for Me ?

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January 11, 2019
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February 11, 2019

Female Entrepreneurs Group – Is this for Me ?

Following on from the success of the existing Women in Business Forum, there is an additional one starting soon! (Full details here).

But some of you may have had some questions?

Am I an Entrepreneur ?

Entrepreneurs are people who take the initiative to set up new ventures. Whilst entrepreneurs more traditionally were associated with big business ventures I think we are now at a juncture when there are many more entrepreneurial people designing and creating their own lives, both working lives, and personal lives. Entrepreneurs are creative people who value their own self-reliance, are optimistic and are wanting to create the “hand-made life”. Clarissa Pinkola Estes coined this phrase in her wonderful book “Women who run with the Wolves”. She describes in her story of The Red Shoes, the idea of envisioning your life unfolding and proceeding with it slowly and surely. Similarly, for women entrepreneurs, we need to unfold and develop and grow our business and get the support we need to bring our ideas to fruition. This takes courage and we need support.

Why a group? 

There are many reasons why women especially benefit from a group and I outline some here :

1) Meeting like-minded people -working on your own can be isolating and often entrepreneurs don’t have any real colleagues!

2) Networking -there is a wealth of connections and opportunities to share when women come together -especially when like-minded!

3) Facing our demons -we all have doubts, insecurities and a facilitated group can help us identify our demons and areas for growth!

4) Validation and accountability -it can be so powerful to express what you are wanting for yourself and your business in a formal setting. This leads to greater accountability and desire to really follow through on what you have articulated.

5) Fresh perspective and insight -hearing others views can really widen our thinking and help us see things differently.

6) A group can really help clarify your vision and sense of purpose for your business

7) There is huge support with a group of women it can be a real powerhouse!

There is also access to reduced cost digital and social media training as extra support for growing your business.


Each month group members will report in on their progress and one or two participants will each bring a particular challenge that they may like to air and seek further direction and support. The group will be professionally facilitated to ensure maximum support and learning. The approach is one of questioning, curiosity and keeping an open mind rather than providing immediate solutions.


The women are from different sectors and are creative in their approach, vision and desire to make a difference. Some will be in the early stages of their initiative whilst others will be more established and all will be interested in growing and developing their ideas and vision for their organization or business initiative.


The group will meet monthly for 2 hours on Friday mornings (10-12) from 1st March  – June 2019  in a lovely room in Dublin city centre.

Monthly investment is €80 euro for a two-hour forum.

Contact Monica at 0866061015 or monica@monicahaughey.ie for further info or to secure your place.

Monica Haughey is an experienced psychotherapist and facilitator who has supported many individuals in the workplace who have been struggling with different workplace issues. She has completed the Common purpose leadership programme and has facilitated their leadership groups for three years following her training.  She is also a former chairperson of the Dublin Food Co-op and founded the Good Food Initiative which was involved with hosting cookery classes and publishing 2 recipe books.