Female Entrepreneurs -lets get ready for 2020!

1st Annual Conscious Living Working Conference 20th September 2019 Dublin
August 30, 2019
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March 20, 2020

Female Entrepreneurs -lets get ready for 2020!

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As the rain continues to patter on the window outside and I wonder will my children ever get to see the delights of Venice as the floods persist in that magical city. Our society is going though unprecedented changes and indeed upheavals as we either listen to the rain or to the negative news that permeates our news channels.

But there are so many positive and encouraging initiatives going on as we all seek to “step up” in the face of climate change and consider the changes we can make in our lives and work. This is crucial not only in terms of making a difference but also in terms of our own well being to find a way for us and our workplaces to be part of this change.

Some of the work I do is with women entrepreneurs, and there are many woman working away at developing their own creative business initiatives, in areas such as health, wellness, food and nutrition. These initiatives are seeking to offer positive approaches to support people improve and maintain health for themselves in a holistic way. I think this is part of the way forward to support each other with our ideas and aspirations and find ways to materialise our dreams !
In one of the groups last week, a very experienced psychotherapist realised that in fact all of her work with clients and therapists was about bringing more love into the world! Now who would have expected that ! But it can be very powerful to actually sit in a supportive place with other women and really dig deep to discover our real purpose and passion.

If you would like to join my next female entrepreneur group just message or ring me. It will just be a small group with 5 or 6 women all in different fields and all are entrepreneurs seeking support to really identify and grow their business ideas. For more information see my website at