Female Entrepreneur Monthly Forum NEW ONLINE GROUP STARTING SOON  2020

The role of entrepreneurs  has never been so important and relevant and this group provides women entrepreneurs with practical and emotional/ psychological support to grow their own business further. It is aimed for women who are establishing or already established but need the space and support to move further with their ideas and shape them in to a viable and worthwhile reality. Many women have great ideas  and just need the support to really develop and bring their ideas forward and make them a reality.

My recent blog post on the topic of the important role of female entrepreneurs is here :

Start Date – June 2020

New Program includes :

1) One monthly  Zoom session. A one-hour session to check in with you and provide accountability and support to you and your business. These sessions will be capped at 6 people to allow time to focus on each person.

2) A monthly  one to one check in session with me. During this session, we will spend some time focusing on what your hopes and aspirations are for your business and how you see things unfolding for you in this current climate. We will work together at untangling the obstacles in your way and paving a new path forward for you and your business. This session is an opportunity for you to redefine your new goals and get the support and guidance you need to move towards them.

3) One monthly Social Media Workshop via Zoom with Karen McCarthy of Tranzformedia. Karen offers training on Facebook, Instagram, and all forms of content writing. These sessions will provide training for your business, tailored to your needs. 

What will you get from this group?

  1. Fresh perspective and insight
  2. Network with link-minded women
  3. Challenge and support
  4. Opportunity to “face-down your demons”/ identify your growing edge
  5. Accountability 
  6. More clarity on your vision for you and your business
  7. Access to social media training and support geared specifically to your group needs.


Contact Monica at 0866061015 or monica@monicahaughey.ie for further info or to secure your place.

The cost is currently just 90 euro per month (for next 4 months) -payable in advance 

About Me :

Monica Haughey is an experienced and entrepreneurial  psychotherapist and facilitator who has supported many people wanting to figure out their talents and strengths and to align this with making  a good living.  She has completed the Common purpose leadership programme and has facilitated their leadership groups for three years following her training.  She is also a former chairperson of the Dublin Food Co-op and founded the Good Food Initiative which was involved with hosting cookery classes and publishing 2 recipe books. She recently organised  the successful 1st Conscious living working conference addressing climate change, wellness and sustainability and is now hosting a podcast series Conscious Living with Monica.

Get in touch to hear more -free 30 mins introductory chat -call 0866061015 or email monica@monicahaughey.ie