Our world may be in crisis, but we believe that crisis presents the opportunity for change!

The upcoming conference is all about how we can be part of this change. How we can support each other to dig deep, inspire each other to tap in to our own resources and give roots to the change,

We believe that, despite the negative news that surrounds us, opportunity now presents itself to all of us to really look at the choices we have and understand how we can make a real and lasting difference to create a new future.

By becoming more conscious we will wake up to new possibilities and improve the lives of ourselves and our communities and our planet. The work we do and businesses we may be involved with will thrive if we allow them to adapt to this way of thinking.  Hema Vyas, who is our keynote speaker at the conference, talks about finding a deeper intelligence and a new conscious economy.  Things are already changing, so let’s all be a part of this change.

As we all know, we are all so connected and so there is so much we can do to make a difference.

Join us on September 20th and take this opportunity to come together with world visionaries so we can  shape for the better our own wellbeing, our businesses and that of our planet.

Early Bird Tickets end soon and we would really love you to come to be part of this unique event. There will be real  opportunities to engage with the speakers through our workshops, panel discussion and we see the conversations continuing long after the conference through social media but also through the networking generated at the conference .

For full details of event and booking see eventbrite page here


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