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March 25, 2019
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August 30, 2019

Creativity – Who we are ?

Workshop coming up 12th July Fumbally stables -Finding and Projecting Your Creative Voice

As we were designing this workshop, a workshop for creative entrepreneurs, I wondered about the words we were using and whether some people might feel it looks interesting but it’s not for them as they are probably not creative enough nor are they entrepreneurs. 

However, in my view we are all creative and all we need to do is step out of our own way. I remember when I was training as a social worker, I met a lovely man who was a potter and he made beautifully crafty artefacts from clay. When visiting his studio I admired his creativity and I expressed regret that I was not doing something creative. He disagreed with me and pointed out that “How I did my work” was creative and just because I didn’t make clay pots didn’t mean I wasn’t creative!

Since then as I’ve gone on to do different things, I’ve realised that I am, in fact,  like many people, creative and like most of us, I am more creative at certain times than others. I’ve also learned that to be creative we don’t need to be busy and in fact, not being busy is best because that is when we can really tap into our true creativity. Many people, myself included, get ideas in the shower, or while walking the dog and it’s often in the “in between” moments that I get my best ideas.

Steve Jobs ( Apple co-founder) ) defined creativity as just connecting things. Personally, I’m more of a Brene Brown fan and I love how she describes vulnerability as the birthplace of creativity, innovation, and change. She believes that we need to be able to look at our own weakness and stories and allow ourselves to move beyond them. As many of you will know who follow her, she says a lot about vulnerability and is a great believer in its value. In my experience as a psychotherapist, it’s so important that we look at our vulnerability and what may be in our way, so as to be able to access our creativity more fully. 

This can be in whatever form, whether it be making a painting, writing, making a cake or running your own business. If we’re not tapping into our creativity we don’t feel good about ourselves and often we can become depressed as our energy is stuck.

But creativity doesn’t have to be hard or something we decide to do tomorrow or next week or after the summer. It can start at any time. It could mean travelling home a different way, changing our routines or making a fabulous piece of art. In my own psychotherapy work, no two sessions are never the same, there is no predetermined outcome and instead, it involves making it up as we go along. I’ve often heard people describe setting up a new business in the same way. By saying this they sound derisory about themselves but I see it as one of the most creative ways we can engage with our lives. This doesn’t mean we don’t need to have the training and expertise behind us, we need this too, but rather that creativity can emerge when we step out of our way and give it the space it needs and allow ourselves to make it up as we go along.  This is my definition of creativity “making it up as we go along”..

Entrepreneurs -making it up as we go along ?

I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur until my workshop facilitator, colleague and friend Karen McCarthy pointed it out to me. I am not the Richard Branson type of entrepreneurs (Obviously!) but I am creative and do make things up as I go along. 

I have made up most of my life, whether it be what work I do, how to celebrate an event or milestone or what to cook for dinner! I think that as a society we are now ready and open to more entrepreneurship in whatever form. There is a real emergence of innovative projects and businesses and  I was so impressed recently when helping my friend Lino Olivirei, who imports olive oil from his family farm in Puglia in Italy. He sells it at farmers markets, and there at the market stall next to him was a lovely young woman from Dublin who has finished college and was now setting up new business selling vegan treats. She is clear that veganism is important for the future of the planet and has committed herself to this new business and is selling at markets and supplying coffee shops. Fabulous!


So this workshop is for people who are interested in “making it up as they go along”, who want to do things differently, in a way that’s right for them. They are doing it their way whilst utilising their unique strengths and talents.

Full details here at https://www.monicahaughey.ie/new-one-day-workshop-for-creative-entrepreneurs-july-12th/

So do get in touch if you are curious and have any questions. 


And Get your tickets here -places limited : http://Tranzformedia.com