Monica has always been a self starter and is passionate about being in the world on purpose and has been involved and initiated numerous entrepreneurial ventures.
From making and selling candles as a young teenager, heading off to the Fiji Islands with VSO in her 20’s, full time volunteer for the Dublin Simon Community, International Rep for Voluntary Service International (VSI) , Chair of Dublin Food Co-op and more recently founding the Good Food initiative in 2016. Through the Good Food Initiative she hosted innovative classes for parents in her own home on wholefood cooking, fermentation bread making and other skills  to support parents to build their childrens health.  She hosted leading edge teachers  including  Katie Sanderson, Dorene Palmer from the Happy Pear and Dearbhla Reynolds author of The Cultured Club. 
Monica is the author of 2 recipe books and a  local history which gathered  stories and insights from people in a small community in rural Ireland.
She participated in the Common Purpose Leadership training in 2014 and served as a Learning Group facilitator 2014-2017 to support senior leaders in different sectors address leadership issues in their workplaces.
She organised the 1st Conscious Living and working Conference in 2019 to provide a forum to bring awareness of the connection  of personal wellbeing with  that of the wellbeing of planet, and the important  role of business in promoting these agendas in a cohesive manner.
She has been a self employed psychotherapist for over 20 years and manages her own practice and continually creates opportunities to work with companies, groups  and individuals.
Her entrepreneurial spirit is now fully fledged  and crystallised with  her new initiative  creative entrepreneurs in The School Of Conscious Living and Working.T hese initiatives  embody  her commitment to supporting people who are ready to create positive change for themselves and those they work with and are ready to see beyond their current horizons.  


Phone: +353866061015