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August 8, 2021
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October 4, 2021

Climate Change and Us

We are not on the Planet. We are the Planet”


-Thomas Hubl


Climate change has been increasingly coming to the fore over the past few weeks. We know globally and locally there have been extreme weather conditions and the recently released intergovernmental report on Climate change was pretty stark.


We know that change needs to happen on global, national, local and individual levels.  


In my view there is no value in becoming depressed or despondent about the situation, but rather I feel it’s crucial to see how we can respond from where we are and what is possible.


I believe in the importance of recognizing, as Thomas Hubl describes, that, “We are not on the planet. We are the planet.” 


If we can grow our connection with nature and the earth, we will recognize that we are not so separate. 


Climate change is a symptom of being out of balance and not in alignment with our environment and relationships with ourselves, others and nature. 


In practical terms we can seek to be more conscious in our lives, work and relationships. To become more in alignment with our external surroundings and then become the change.


We are the change.  


The change does not only need to happen elsewhere. It can start with us!  


We can all seek to make small daily changes in our lifestyles and habit.


This leads to awareness of our choices.


To become more aware of the choices we are making and how they will impact the planet and us, it helps to recognize and appreciate nature to connect deeper with ourselves and be more in alignment with the planet. 


Recognise Our Own Power


We have the power that comes with self awareness. The external environment points back to our internal world. What you want to see change in the external world, comes to fruition when you notice it within yourself. 


If we can listen more to ourselves and our hearts desire, the more we will be in alignment.




As we move through these unusual times, we can seek to connect with others of like minds and those who can support us on our journey. 


On a practical level we could collaborate more and share our resources. On an emotional, psychological and spiritual level, we can move beyond the individualism that has been very much central to the old paradigm. It takes the possibility of being vulnerable, but in that there is power for real change to take place. 


I am currently preparing courses as part of my School of Conscious Living and Working.


They are beginning at the end of this month. 


Through them I will be exploring this topic more, and creating safe communities and containers in which we can become in alignment with our hearts desires and aware of how we can benefit this ever changing environment.


More information is available on my website, MONICAHAUGHEY.IE.