August 30, 2019

1st Annual Conscious Living Working Conference 20th September 2019 Dublin

Our world may be in crisis, but we believe that crisis presents the opportunity for change!

Join us on September 20th and learn how you can be part of this change.
This conference is an opportunity to support each other

June 25, 2019

Creativity – Who we are ?

Workshop coming up 12th July Fumbally stables -Finding and Projecting Your Creative Voice

As we were designing this workshop, a workshop for creative entrepreneurs, I wondered about the words we were using and whether some people might feel it looks

March 25, 2019

“Empowerment Comes From The Inside Out”

Empowerment comes from the Inside Out!” 
-Tracey O’Rourke, Vivid Edge.

I had the opportunity to listen to some female leaders speak about their experiences in their workplace at an International Women’s Day Event in Dublin.
Many were involved …

February 11, 2019

Reclaiming Our Power with Social Media -February 2019 Blog

We are constantly hearing and reading about the negative impact of social media, and other digital forms of communication.

Recently a survey for Safer Internet day found that 10 percent of children between 8 and 10 were online for more …

February 11, 2019

Female Entrepreneurs Group – Is this for Me ?

Following on from the success of the existing Women in Business Forum, there is an additional one starting soon! (Full details here).

But some of you may have had some questions?

Am I an Entrepreneur ?

Entrepreneurs are people who …