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April 30, 2020
Now Taking Applications -Full Details of Next Online Female Entrepreneur Group
May 13, 2020

Calling Out To All Female Entrepreneurs


I have been running my female entrepreneur groups for a  few years now and truly feel that now is a better time than ever for us entrepreneurs to really step forward .

As the pandemic has transformed the world as we knew it and for some, it has brought sickness and financial hardship.  It has also brought a huge pause and opportunity to reflect and review. 

In this opportunity to reflect and review, I see a huge opportunity for all of us and especially female entrepreneurs, to really step forward into their own strengths and creativity. 

This time is an opportunity, in my view,  to realign to our strengths, gifts and talents and really bring them to the fore. Its time to do the work we were born to do ! So many of us, especially females, have been distracted by others needs and often fall into the role of carer both emotionally and physically. We prioritise others needs over our own and seek to ensure that others are doing ok before we can attend to our own needs.

This of course is a female trait and a  valuable one in that people do need to be cared for and the world would be a better place if there were more caring people!  What I mean is that we can let this come in the way of our own needs and in our own growth as competent and creative entrepreneurs.

We have a duty to ourselves as well as others .  

I believe as creative women we need to embrace and value our offerings and know that by doing this we are doing a great service, not only to ourselves and those we work with but also our families and those we care about.

This time, as I see it is a time for authenticity and genuineness and a time when we dig deep into how we can help solve some of the wider problems -health of the planet and ourselves and surely part of the solution must be in being true to ourselves and valuing our gifts and talents and bringing them to the world.

“ Do not asks what the world needs -but ask what makes you come alive -because the world needs people who have come alive”      Howard Thurman 

I am now taking applications for my new online female entrepreneur group -for further details see here. 

Get in touch to find out more   0866061015

Monica Haughey May 2020


Now Taking Applications -Full Details of New Online Female Entrepreneur Group