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May 13, 2020
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September Blog -Becoming Our Own Leaders

Become Your Own Leader


‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them ”

Albert Einstein”


The current pandemic is causing much disruption and change in our lives. Many have had first hand experience of the virus, have lost their jobs, or have had travel plans cancelled, rescheduled and cancelled again. Others have been less effected but finding the uncertainty challenging or the restrictions and lack of freedom difficult or they may feel very dissatisfied with the handling of the situation by our governments.

Wherever we are in it all, my intention is to find the opportunity amidst the crisis. I believe we have been presented with a golden invitation to rest, reset and step up in terms of our awareness of how we ourselves can make a difference in the crisis. We can make a difference to our own health and well being but also in general we can seek to find ways to become more empowered ourselves.

I believe that we are all going through a huge transformation. We are moving towards a new paradigm shift in how we live our lives and the choices we make. I also believe we are recognising more our own authority and investing less in outside authorities -many of which have let us down !


 Claiming Our Own Health

We can take this time to look at what keeps us healthy and well. Regular daily practices such as meditation, yoga and walking in nature can really help us stay grounded. Eat well, take care of yourself and consume food that suits your body. Our health is not something that we have no control over. We can influence our immunity and support our bodies in ways than go far beyond what we have been led to believe.

Nurture Community Connections

In an obvious way, the spread of the virus has demonstrated that we are all connected! We have discovered that we can connect in very positive ways online. There has been so much creativity around the movement towards online interaction, and many of us have realised we don’t need to physically travel to work, yoga class etc. Current circumstances have shown us that we can take very proactive steps towards developing and nurturing our own communities.


Finding common ground with others is a vital pillar of support during this time … and study after study has confirmed that friendship, community, and the nurturance of genuine, heartfelt connection with our fellow human beings are key immune boosters.


Realign With Your Heart’s Desire -What’s important to you


During the pandemic, many of us realised we didn’t need so much stuff and didn’t need to rush round so much! The Earth still turned on its axis, even though we were less active.

Many of us have enjoyed more quality time with families and friends, and have also developed our creative skills, whether it be baking bread, gardening or making podcasts or connecting through zoom. We have  been encouraged to reconsider our strengths and talents. What do we really want to engage with? What do we truly want to spend our time on? What, in short, is our heart’s desire?

Discern, Discern, Discern

The news we hear on an everyday basis is often slanted towards negativity: our attention is brought to the severity of the virus and the increase in the numbers. We need to be discerning and figure out which information we believe to be true. Much data and research is influenced by who is carrying out the research and who is funding it.

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