Monica Haughey is an experienced psychotherapist who works with individuals and groups. She provides bespoke training and facilitation in the workplace addressing wellness, stress management and mental wellness.

Practical and motivational in her approach, she has the ability to help senior leaders and employees to identify blocks and issues that arise and to assist in implementing strategies to ensure both individuals and teams are operating effectively. Her training as a psychotherapist is characterized by the wealth of experience she draws from and the ability to steer her inputs to the particular needs of the group. She brings her own unique style which is essentially about skilled listening, support and gentle reflection and challenge. She is skilled in her ability to get to the heart of the matter, to find out “what is really going on” and what is needed to enhance both the individuals and the team’s performance, engagement and general satisfaction whilst at work.

Her approach is positive and supportive and she has the ability to assist people see situations more clearly and beyond their current horizons. She is in monthly supervision herself to ensure the quality of her work and attends lectures and seminars regularly to keep her training updated

She completed “Common Purpose” – Leading Beyond Authority in 2014, a programme devised for senior leaders in different professional spheres who are interested in effecting change. For the past four years, she has served as a learning guide facilitator for Common purpose and she facilitates small groups of participants addressing and solving challenges in their workplaces.

Prior to training as a psychotherapist, she worked as a social worker on mental health teams in Belfast for 10 years and gained extensive experience in mental health in the community and in hospital settings. She taught at Turning Point training Institute for 5 years and delivered skills training and ran process groups for trainee psychotherapists. Alongside her own private practice, she provides supervision to psychotherapists and those in other fields of work who are seeking non-managerial support.

Monica works in a holistic way and draws from her wide experience in the caring professions as well as in her own life. She practices yoga and mindfulness, is a mother and long time member of the Dublin Food Co-op. She founded the Good Food Initiative, and has been a regular blogger on the issue of food and health and more recently on the area of wellness in the workplace. She has written and published several papers and presented training to various organisations on psychotherapy, mental health, stress management and other related issues. Her third book was published in 2015 and was a collection of Italian recipes.