1st Annual Conscious Living Working Conference 20th September 2019

Our world may be in crisis, but we believe that crisis presents the opportunity for change!

Join us on September 20th and learn how you can be part of this change.
This conference is an opportunity to support each other to dig deep, inspire each other to tap into our own resources so that we can give roots to the change.

The day brings together a mix of speakers, workshops and conversations focused on how we proactively work together in tackling climate change, build personal wellness and improve how we work and run our businesses.

By becoming more conscious we can wake up to new possibilities and improve the lives of ourselves and our communities and our planet. The work we do as employees, entrepreneurs or employers will thrive if we allow it to adapt to this way of thinking.

We believe that, despite the negative news that surrounds us, opportunity now presents itself to all of us to really look at the choices we have and understand how we can make a real and lasting difference to create a new future.


 Hema Vyas, who is our keynote speaker at the conference, talks about finding a deeper intelligence and a new conscious economy. She is a really exciting new voice in the field of both spiritual thinking and in the understanding of the world of work and business. She speaks about developing a conscious economy and how to bring a  deeper intelligence to our personal and working lives. To learn more about how this can be implemented in your own life do come and hear her speak.  I have heard her speak myself several times and can highly recommend the experience. She brings a clarity and wisdom that is so valuable and so timely and is in fact, one the main reasons I felt motivated to organise this conference. I think in Ireland we are really ready to hear Hema’s voice as her language is accessible and conveys a more accessible understanding of spirituality. 


Susie Q,  also known as Susan Quirke, is a musician, a singer, a song-writer, a co-producer and recording artist.

She will explore the importance and power of centering ourselves in these modern times through the practice of meditation. She will be speaking on ‘Connecting to ourselves to respond more creatively and -will include a short introduction to meditation.’ See Https://susieqmusic.com


Ger Murphy, a psychotherapist, an organisational consultant and one of the founders of Psychotherapy in Ireland.
He will be speaking about unlocking our creativity and our fear response. He has worked or over 40 years in the field and describes his work as helping raise his clients level of consciousness to assist them in living more in harmony with themselves, their family, communities and with the earth.
He draws from poetry and body orientated perspectives and is widely regarded for his work, especially with mens groups.


Isobel Philips who is a leadership and education facilitator who will be speaking about Authentic Leadership and key characteristics. She herself has held senior leadership roles and worked across public, private and not for profit sectors. Peter O Brien from Happenings will also talk about the need for community engagement in climate change and convey some of his passion and ideas around how we might do more to be part of climate action.

We are also very excited to have Marion Keogh, Garden designer, founder of Green Edge and former Bloom fringe organiser and with a huge passion for community engagement in our environment. Deirdre O Sullivan organic farmer and co-owner of Nurney farm will be speaking about the elements of sustainable business.



You can engage with the speakers through our workshops, panel discussion and we foresee the conversations continuing long after the conference ends, through both the connections made on the day and through social media.