1-to-1 Psychotherapy / Mentoring


As an experienced Psychotherapist and supervisor Monica enjoys working with those seeking to become aware of how they can clear blocks and limiting beliefs so as to create more of the life that they desire and to take more agency of their lives.

She sees  psychotherapy as a tool to help people live more fully in alignment with themselves and their hearts desire. As society evolves and structures collapse she recognises the importance of this healing for  ourselves, nature and the planet. Her work with therapists as a supervisor involves support for the clinical aspect of their work and also that of helping them shape their practice in a way which ensures value, growth and challenge. She runs ongoing groups for psychotherapists seeking to connect with other psychotherapists who wish to grown and evolve their pratice in their own unique way.  


This service helps you identify your strengths, and align more fully with what you really want for your life and work and take your courageous next step.  Through the School of Conscious Living and working she provides a collaborative, safe and creative space to help unravel your real hearts desire, value yourself and to take your dreams seriously!


As an experienced and accredited Supervisor, Monica retains some provision to provide supervision for psychotherapists. She enjoys supporting them identify their own unique style and the strengths they bring to the work alongside the areas for growth. Her style is typically described as supportive, honest and challenging with humour.

Mental Health Consultancy

With over thirty years in the field of mental health, as a¬† former community psychiatric social worker, psychotherapist and provider of mental health support to companies, she has in depth experience in the field.¬† Her lens on mental health is a wide one and she recognises the multi factoral nature of what arises as “mental health”¬† problems and issues.

She currently is a panel member for the Mental Health Tribunals and as a “lay member” assists in the decision making regarding hospital detentions.

She is available for corporate consultations and training for Managers around Managing employee mental health, coping with critical incidents. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss your company needs as she is a wise and experienced voice in the field of mental health and wellbeing.

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Email: monica@monicahaughey.ie

Phone: 0866061015

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